Poison Education

Poison education is intended to:

  • Prevent poisonings
  • Increase awareness of poison center services
  • Increase the use of the IPC
  • Help health care providers with diagnosis, monitoring and management
  • Improve patient outcomes while reducing costs

Prevention Basics

Poisons can be found everywhere. Items commonly found in and around the home can easily become a danger, especially to children, if they are left in the open within reach.

Poison First Aid

Poison emergencies can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Visit this section to learn how to handle swallowed poisons, poisons on the skin and eyes and inhaled poisons.

Bites & Stings

Bites and stings can make your skin red and itchy with swelling that lasts up to five days. If you scratch, the area can become infected.


Plants, including both house and garden varieties, are among the top ten agents that cause poisonings in young children under the age of six.


Visit this section to read some frequently asked questions about the Indiana Poison Center. For more faqs please see the rest of the links on the page.

Curriculum & Info Sheets

Kids can learn about the dangers of poison and have fun at the same time! Here are curriculum ideas for preschool and elementary school teachers.