Most poisonings are unintentional, which means they can be prevented. Educating yourself and your family about poison safety is one step towards preventing a poisoning. The IPC is committed to educating families about the potential poisons that can be found in and around their homes.

Children Under 6

Children under the age of six account for almost 50 percent of the human exposures reported to the IPC.

Children 6-12

A common misconception is that once your children get older, the need for poison prevention completely goes away.


Parenting an adolescent can be very challenging as you try to find balance between giving them freedom and keeping them safe.

Adults & Seniors

Many individuals believe that they don’t need the IPC if they don’t have children in the home. However, adults and seniors are also at risk for poisoning.


Many pet poisonings are caused by household substances that seem perfectly harmless to you. Some of the most dangerous pet poisons are medications.