Antidote Stocking List

The Indiana Poison Center is pleased to provide our Antidote Stocking List. It has been shown that many hospitals do not maintain adequate types and quantities of antidotes to manage anticipated poisonings and overdoses. Our listing of common antidotes also includes an Acuity rating as to the urgency of availability and a stocking level that takes into account whether or not a poison is anticipated to be in a mass casualty incident. The stocking levels should be sufficient to treat one 70 kg patient for one day, except in the cases of antidotes needed for mass casualty incident, where the stocking level is sufficient to treat 5 patients. Mass casualty incidents require greater quantities of antidotes. If your emergency planning indicates a potential need for increased numbers of antidotes to meet a specific need, please call Indiana Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an individualized consult.